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We define and understand your challenge, validate your imagination, crystallise a pathway, work and walk with you to success.

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Satisfied clients We have helped many families and individuals to fulfil their dream of migrating to the Netherlands, the Uk, and other parts of Europe.

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We are currently partners with high-ranking learning institutions, providing students with a range of choices and the most honest migration counsel

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Our team is made up of people who have received direct training from these universities in our network. As a result, your path becomes more relevant, practical, and doable. This secret makes our agency the most realistic and successful.

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We invest quality time to understand your vision & give you honest advice, not minding your immigration history. We recommend degree programs & higher institutions in the Netherlands & the UK (includes Undergraduate, (bachelors) & PGD Programs (MSc & Ph.D). Our recommendations will be determined by your academic history, financial capacity & preferred location.

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Application/ Documentation

We help you prepare, collate and review your documents for admission and visa application. We go a step further to liaise with the Admissions offices of your desired institution and also the Immigration and Naturalisation Service as applicable and required.

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We plan and host events such as, Student trips, Edu fairs, employability symposiums, networking, idea exhibitions across Europe & give you relevant updates to help integrate into the European society. We understand that your needs vary & as such, we run a flexible program to fit your requests.

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Here are some answers to your FAQs.

We have helped many families and individuals to fulfil their migration dreams, especially to the Netherlands, UK, and other parts of Europe. We are partners with high-ranking learning institutions, and we provide students with a range of choices and the most honest migration counsels. Based on our interaction and your background, we recommend courses that will give you an advantage to study and settle in adequately.

Yes, Netherlands recognise relevant college and university degrees, that is why your study transcripts is an important prerequisite for masters/MBA students.

At the minimum you will need : •An Application form •CV ( up to date ) •Motivation letter ( why you want to study) • Your SSCE result( with 6 Credits including English ) or your IELTS •Your Academic Transcripts and Certificate(s) [For Masters Students] •2 Recommendation letters (1 from a former lecturer and 1 from your current or former boss ) [For Masters Students] •Data page of your passport • Recent Passport photograph

Book a free live session with one of our experts or email all the required documents to

Yes, there some scholarship options for VERY outstanding students and in specialized courses, However, we have no guarantees for any scholarship schemes.

Yes , Netherlands allows students to work for about 16 hours weekly, and unlimited hours if you run or own a business. NB: You are encouraged to prioritise your study.

Depending on your personality and spending appetite, 900-1500 euros should make you live comfortably in Netherlands

From experience we have noticed it can be difficult to move immediately with your family , You need to possess 3 items to be able to apply for any of your dependents. All 3 can only be obtained in the Netherlands e.g your social security number (BSN).

That depends on how quickly you can get the 4 documents required to apply for your family. Some people get all in 2-3 weeks of arrival in the Netherlands.

For a Bsc, full payment of your 1st year maybe required before you are offered admission. 75% is also required for masters students (Masters studies duration is 18-24 months)

Just book a free 15 mins call with any of our consultants now. There's a google meet link embedded. Use your time wisely.

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